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HEARDn an organization of Amateur Radio operators interested in establishing a network for digital emergency communications and related technologies.


HEARDn  Members

Joseph Speroni, AH0A

Robin Liu, AH6CP

Jeff Sue, AH6IX

Harvey Motomura, AH6JA

Stanley Froseth, AH6KO

Mark Pascal, AH6PR

Glenn Martinez, AH6VF

Eric Grabowski, KH6CQ

Jackson Tsujimura, KH6DQ

Richard Kimitsuka, KH6OM

Stacy Holbrook, KH6OWL

Darrell Omoro, KH6XL

Sean Fendt, KH6SF

Steve Kawamae, KH6WG

Bart Aronoff, KH7C

Clement Jung, KH7HO

Trent Bronson, N2OBM

Jim Pilgram, NH6HI

Dewey Proietti, NH6M

Angus “Gus” MacFeeley, NH7J

Norm Cohler, NH7UA

Tad Miura, NH7YS

Tom Overman, W2AIT

Evan Esaki (WH6ECG)

Natalie Cash, WH6FNE




  1. HEARDn supports training and everyday use of digital radio communications modes available even when disasters interrupt telephone, cell phone and email services. Hawaii has many communities with no or fragile access to normal communication services. As an island state, it also has a large boating population served with HF communication in the HEARDn network. Donations will help us build out and continue to support our network.

Federal EIN #81-2446908
Hawaii State Tax ID GE-047-542-4768-01

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